I'm back and Happy Holidays!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Why is it that every time I want to start blogging 3 days a week, I end up being so busy that I can't blog for 2 weeks?  I think I jinx myself.  I am thinking in my head wow everything is going so great.  I have time to do so much and then BAM!  there is no time.

Let's see the last time I blogged I was getting over a cold which Addison and JT ended up getting.  I was going to John and Frenanda's wedding, which was a beautiful wedding. Catholic weddings are so beautiful to me  And it was not too long, it was just right.  The reception was at the Four Seasons and that was beautiful as well.  It was nice seeing a family come together.  Fernanda is from Brazil and John is from Philadelphia.  It was an interesting mix at the wedding.  Everyone coming together for love and happiness.  It is what the world should be like all the time.  After, the reception the bride and groom convinced my old butt to go to the after party which was a dance club.  I have done all the clubs in my past but know I am more like a house party type of girl.  JT and I did stay at the club with them until it was closed and I was proud of myself that I stayed out that late.  I guess Momma still's got it.  :)

Oh and I got to wear my Anthro bird skirt to the wedding.  I am very happy with that purchase.  I also wore it to Liz's birthday dinner, which was an amazing meal at The Shed.  Liz knows the chef so he made a special menu for her and all her 30 friends.  We had pan fried chicken hearts, duck, chicken liver, butter bean hummus, steak, homemade ding dongs, and so much more I don't remember it all.  It was an incredible meal and I want Liz to help JT organize my birthday party.

After all those festivities, I needed to finish crafting.  I ended up making 50 Thanksgiving cards and those who live in Georgia got theirs before Thanksgiving.  I am very proud of these.  I think they are the best ones yet.

I have also made 3 yarn wreaths to give out as gifts.  Here is a picture of one I made.

I am really happy how they are turning out.  I want to make about 5 more and I want them to be done in about a week or two.  What am I thinking? I guess I won't be blogging a lot this week.  Wait, I also need to start and finish Christmas Cards.

I have also found 4 crafts I want to make before Christmas.  Two were found in the December issue of Martha Stewart's Living Magazine.   And one I found in the Decemember issue of Anthology.

1.  Painting Ornaments from Martha Stewart's Living Magazine - a great project for Addison

2. Martha's Christmas Pyramid Cake Topper - I think it will be fun project for the family and I think it is awesome that the candles will turn the wheel.

3. Cross Stitching Tea Towels - I used to love to cross stitch when I was younger.  I was thinking making tea towels for Christmas presents would be a great holiday gift.

4. Painting personal apron and recipe cards from Anthology magazine - Oh I have to make these for my friends who love to cook.

Oh I wish a I had the power to stop time so I could get all this stuff done.  :)

Oh and I did bake for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Pie

Bourbon Pecan Pie

And I made Shredded Pork and Beans last night.

So I have had time to cook and bake.  So I am not too busy.

Well hopefully I will talk to you guys soon.  Bye for now.
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  1. did you see Martha's felt slippers? I want to make those!
    -Rachael the Great


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