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My Superman

Wow, this week went by fast.  It seems like I have gotten nothing done.  Hopefully, this weekend we can get a lot of spring cleaning done.  This means purging our closets, bathrooms, and laundry room.  We try to do it every 3 months but since JT has been working every weekend our bedroom has gotten crazy.  JT, the snake cage is not a table or a dresser.  :)  I just pray he doesn't get called out for an Emergency Response.

I bet you are wondering what JT's job is. He is Superman and saving the environment.  He is an environmental scientist.  He has built his own waste water treatment plant for the company he works for and cleans up the environment anytime something hazardous has been spilled.  What's a wastewater treatment plant?  Let me explain.  Most companies create wastewater, it can be sewage, oil and gas in the water, putting chemicals in the water for washing.  JT's treatment plant removes these containments so they can be put back in to the water system.  A company can't just dump contaminated water, well we have heard that some do but they shouldn't.  Well, that's JT's main job but it doesn't stop there.  Accidents happen.  Trains de-rail, tractor trailers flip, things catch on fire.  When this happens JT is usually called in the middle of the night to control and clean up the chemicals.  Example a company that makes the blue liquid for the Porter Potties caught on fire so the fire department came to put out the fire.  They didn't realize what was in the building and when they were putting out the fire the water was mixing with the chemicals, then flowing into a stream and turning the stream blue.  Oh yes, the stream was blue.  It was horrible.  This was an extreme case but accidents happen almost every week.  Tractor trailers containing chemicals, like gas seem to flip a lot.  It crazy I didn't realize how we are killing our environment in so many ways until I married JT.  It seems like they only talk about air pollution.  But we are polluting our lakes, streams, and oceans also.  I feel like it happens more than people realize.

I am very grateful for the work JT and his co-workers do.  I feel like they are saving the environment for Addison and his future family. At least saving it in the south-eastern part of the United States.  :) Thank you Honey!

And now to Spring fashion....

Have you seen the new Kate Spade's new Spring logo?  Kate Spade wants you to "Eat Cake for Breakfast".  And I totally agree with her.

Aren't they the cutest?  I am so ready for Spring and am loving this whole Spring line.

Now my love of paper:

We all know I am obsessed with  This week they had these Kraft Paper Invitations that just spoke to me.  You can see their blog entry here.

I have a thing for Kraft Paper and this invitation suite is simple but beautiful.  I was thinking that Corey and JoBeth are getting married soon.  I think this suite would be perfect for them.   

Wow, I just realized opposites do attract.  JT and I are so opposite but work so well together.  Outdoorsy and Fashionista can come together and kick some serious booty.  We are ready to take over the world.  :)  Well, at least raising someone that will rule the world one day.   GO ADDISON!

Well, I need to start with this Spring cleaning.  Wish me luck.

I leave you with Addison going to work with Daddy.


Downton Abbey

Oh yes I have discovered Downton Abbey.  After weeks of The Godfather and The Chosen One telling me about this wonderful show, I finally went on Netflix on a rainy Saturday and spent the whole day watching Season 1.  Everything in this show speaks to me.  The mystery, the love, the clothes, the British accents, and not not let forget the lavish estate.  If you know me I have a fascination for all things British.  I don't know why but you can catch me listening to British internet radio and watching British movies and shows at least once a week.  I listened to Lily Allen and Adele before they even popular in the US.  I think I was just a British Princess in another life (definitely a Princess).

I am not the only one obsessed with Downton Abbey.  I have found out many people are loving it.  Even Ralph Lauren channeled Dowton Abbey for his Fall 2012 collection.

Photos from

Oh can you imagine a life that everyone dressed like this and the men were always and suits and tuxedos with tails. FABULOUS!!  This so wants me to live in a Manor with a staff, have dinner parties, and go fox hunting.  Oh I long for a time where the men were gentlemen and the woman were ladies.  I could use to be called "Lady Cochran".

I am halfway done finishing Season 2.  I am slowly trying to finish this one since I will have to wait for a year until Season 3.

If you haven't watched Dowton Abbey yet, I suggest you do it now.  I promise you will not be disappointed.


Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I hope everyone received lots of hugs and kisses.  Sorry I have been gone for so long.  Addison got sick and I had to take of our prince for the last 4 days.  This also meant that not all the Valentine's cards got done.  I did send out cards to my out of state friends and family.  But, everyone that lives in Georgia, you will hopefully be getting your Valentine's card this week.  I am so sorry.  I will post pictures of the cards so at least you will know what you are getting.

Here is what the Valentine's card looks like:

I think they turned out wonderful and the heart buttons turned out so cute.  Oh forgot to mention the bad thing about the heart buttons.  I was not able to put them in all the cards.  I took some cards with heart buttons to the post office to mail them and they told me the envelope was too thick so it would have to be shipped a parcel.  That means $1.95 for each card.  So sorry if you don't receive a button but I am sending out 25 cards and that's almost $50 in shipping.  Ridiculous!!!  But, if you live in Atlanta I will make sure I will see you sometime this month to give you a heart pin.  So, I guess it makes it even more special sent I am delivering it in person.

Addison and I were also able to make Valentine's Day cards for his teachers.  He was so happy to give them to his teachers.  And they all loved the cards and the pins.  Addison said they are still wearing their heart pins.  

Here are the teacher's Valentine's Day cards:

So how did we celebrate Valentine's Day here?  Well, we don't do the roses, candy, and out to dinner.  JT gets me flowers every Friday and I am not really into roses.  So I just mentioned if he can find me peonies this Friday I would be so happy.  Of course I cooked a big dinner for my loves.  I made a roasted leg of lamb, mashed potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts with green apples, bacon,  and onions.  And for dessert creme brûlée.  Everyone enjoyed dinner and JT is enjoying the leftovers for lunch.

Addison and I also made red velvet cake pops, yesterday.  Today, Addison and I made Brooksters, which are brownies with a chocolate chip cookie on top all baked together.  They were amazing.

As you can tell we have been baking up a storm.

While I am trying to finish this up, The Chosen One and Addison are playing their violins with each other via FaceTime.  God, I love technology.   One in Washington DC and the other in Atlanta playing together.  It's amazing.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  Talk to you soon.


Happy February

How is everyone?   We are doing great.  It has been strangely warm in Atlanta this week.  It is really confusing that it is winter but in the 60s.  I have been enjoying wearing skirts with boots and no jacket.  So I guess I am getting my Autumn in February.  Autumn is my favorite season, I am not complaining.  It just feels weird.  Micheal just mentioned to me that last year it was freezing.  I remember last year the kids couldn't go back to school for a week after winter break because of snow and ice.  Today it is sunny with a high of 69 degrees.  I'll just use my great imagination and pretend I live in California since it seems we are having California weather.

So the job search is still continuing.  I have applied to my dream job so keep your fingers crossed for me.  I don't know what Addison is going to do when I go back to work.  He is so use to me being home when he gets home and being home with him all summer.  It's going to be a big change but an exciting new adventure.  I feel fortunate that I was able to be there for him during is elementary school years.  I am truly blessed that I have a wonderful husband that agreed I should go back to school and just focus on school.  It was nice to just worry about school work and Addison.  Now I just need to find a great job or win the lottery.  I would be fine with winning the lottery.  :)

This week I have to finish Valentine's cards and cross stitch hearts.  I think I want to send out about 25, who am I kidding you know it will end up being 35.  I need to at least mail the out of town cards out by this week.  I order the most perfect stamps for this year's Valentine's card.  I already figured out what I want the card to look like and just purchased the material I needed.  This will be the fist time that I know what I want the card to look like.  It usually takes me about 2-3 hours to brainstorm and try different things before I know what it's going to look like.  Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and JT and Addison won't call it "The Sweat Shop".  Yes, when I need their help because I have taken on too much, they help me make my cards.  They call it "The Sweat Shop" because it usually happens late at night, it's the last thing they want to do, and I usually end up yelling at them.  They have gone on strike a couple of times.  Once I get my stamp package in I will start creating.  I will try to post the final product.  Warning,  friends and family don't look or you will know what your card will look like this year.

Before I go, I should mention Pinterest.  It has blown up in the past month.  I use go to Pinterest for pictures for my blog but now it has transformed into something incredible.  There are so many people online pinning so many great things.  I have found so much inspiration there, it makes me want to create something new everyday.  I got the idea of the yarn wreaths on Pinterest.  If you haven't joined I suggest you do, it has something for everyone.  I just would like to warn you it is addictive.

My Favorite Pins right now:

The tissue paper anatomy is amazing.  Wow people are so creative.  If you are on Pinterest follow me.  What are you pinning?  

Speaking of creative, have you ever seen "The Invisible Man"?  He paints himself to blend in with his surroundings.  It's incredible.  Check him out here.

I can hardly see him in the bulldozer picture.

Oh I got my Rifle Paper's Botanical Calendar in the mail yesterday.  It's beautiful.  They had a 20% off sale on all their calendars so I took this as a sign.  I talked about it in my blog post "All about Paper".  It his hanging on our pantry door and fits in perfect with our kitchen.  I will be enjoying 2012 with this beauty. 

I know, time to turn it to February.  

Well, I leave you with Princess Luna.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!!