Downton Abbey

Oh yes I have discovered Downton Abbey.  After weeks of The Godfather and The Chosen One telling me about this wonderful show, I finally went on Netflix on a rainy Saturday and spent the whole day watching Season 1.  Everything in this show speaks to me.  The mystery, the love, the clothes, the British accents, and not not let forget the lavish estate.  If you know me I have a fascination for all things British.  I don't know why but you can catch me listening to British internet radio and watching British movies and shows at least once a week.  I listened to Lily Allen and Adele before they even popular in the US.  I think I was just a British Princess in another life (definitely a Princess).

I am not the only one obsessed with Downton Abbey.  I have found out many people are loving it.  Even Ralph Lauren channeled Dowton Abbey for his Fall 2012 collection.

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Oh can you imagine a life that everyone dressed like this and the men were always and suits and tuxedos with tails. FABULOUS!!  This so wants me to live in a Manor with a staff, have dinner parties, and go fox hunting.  Oh I long for a time where the men were gentlemen and the woman were ladies.  I could use to be called "Lady Cochran".

I am halfway done finishing Season 2.  I am slowly trying to finish this one since I will have to wait for a year until Season 3.

If you haven't watched Dowton Abbey yet, I suggest you do it now.  I promise you will not be disappointed.
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