Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I hope everyone received lots of hugs and kisses.  Sorry I have been gone for so long.  Addison got sick and I had to take of our prince for the last 4 days.  This also meant that not all the Valentine's cards got done.  I did send out cards to my out of state friends and family.  But, everyone that lives in Georgia, you will hopefully be getting your Valentine's card this week.  I am so sorry.  I will post pictures of the cards so at least you will know what you are getting.

Here is what the Valentine's card looks like:

I think they turned out wonderful and the heart buttons turned out so cute.  Oh forgot to mention the bad thing about the heart buttons.  I was not able to put them in all the cards.  I took some cards with heart buttons to the post office to mail them and they told me the envelope was too thick so it would have to be shipped a parcel.  That means $1.95 for each card.  So sorry if you don't receive a button but I am sending out 25 cards and that's almost $50 in shipping.  Ridiculous!!!  But, if you live in Atlanta I will make sure I will see you sometime this month to give you a heart pin.  So, I guess it makes it even more special sent I am delivering it in person.

Addison and I were also able to make Valentine's Day cards for his teachers.  He was so happy to give them to his teachers.  And they all loved the cards and the pins.  Addison said they are still wearing their heart pins.  

Here are the teacher's Valentine's Day cards:

So how did we celebrate Valentine's Day here?  Well, we don't do the roses, candy, and out to dinner.  JT gets me flowers every Friday and I am not really into roses.  So I just mentioned if he can find me peonies this Friday I would be so happy.  Of course I cooked a big dinner for my loves.  I made a roasted leg of lamb, mashed potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts with green apples, bacon,  and onions.  And for dessert creme brûlée.  Everyone enjoyed dinner and JT is enjoying the leftovers for lunch.

Addison and I also made red velvet cake pops, yesterday.  Today, Addison and I made Brooksters, which are brownies with a chocolate chip cookie on top all baked together.  They were amazing.

As you can tell we have been baking up a storm.

While I am trying to finish this up, The Chosen One and Addison are playing their violins with each other via FaceTime.  God, I love technology.   One in Washington DC and the other in Atlanta playing together.  It's amazing.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  Talk to you soon.

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