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Wow, this week went by fast.  It seems like I have gotten nothing done.  Hopefully, this weekend we can get a lot of spring cleaning done.  This means purging our closets, bathrooms, and laundry room.  We try to do it every 3 months but since JT has been working every weekend our bedroom has gotten crazy.  JT, the snake cage is not a table or a dresser.  :)  I just pray he doesn't get called out for an Emergency Response.

I bet you are wondering what JT's job is. He is Superman and saving the environment.  He is an environmental scientist.  He has built his own waste water treatment plant for the company he works for and cleans up the environment anytime something hazardous has been spilled.  What's a wastewater treatment plant?  Let me explain.  Most companies create wastewater, it can be sewage, oil and gas in the water, putting chemicals in the water for washing.  JT's treatment plant removes these containments so they can be put back in to the water system.  A company can't just dump contaminated water, well we have heard that some do but they shouldn't.  Well, that's JT's main job but it doesn't stop there.  Accidents happen.  Trains de-rail, tractor trailers flip, things catch on fire.  When this happens JT is usually called in the middle of the night to control and clean up the chemicals.  Example a company that makes the blue liquid for the Porter Potties caught on fire so the fire department came to put out the fire.  They didn't realize what was in the building and when they were putting out the fire the water was mixing with the chemicals, then flowing into a stream and turning the stream blue.  Oh yes, the stream was blue.  It was horrible.  This was an extreme case but accidents happen almost every week.  Tractor trailers containing chemicals, like gas seem to flip a lot.  It crazy I didn't realize how we are killing our environment in so many ways until I married JT.  It seems like they only talk about air pollution.  But we are polluting our lakes, streams, and oceans also.  I feel like it happens more than people realize.

I am very grateful for the work JT and his co-workers do.  I feel like they are saving the environment for Addison and his future family. At least saving it in the south-eastern part of the United States.  :) Thank you Honey!

And now to Spring fashion....

Have you seen the new Kate Spade's new Spring logo?  Kate Spade wants you to "Eat Cake for Breakfast".  And I totally agree with her.

Aren't they the cutest?  I am so ready for Spring and am loving this whole Spring line.

Now my love of paper:

We all know I am obsessed with  This week they had these Kraft Paper Invitations that just spoke to me.  You can see their blog entry here.

I have a thing for Kraft Paper and this invitation suite is simple but beautiful.  I was thinking that Corey and JoBeth are getting married soon.  I think this suite would be perfect for them.   

Wow, I just realized opposites do attract.  JT and I are so opposite but work so well together.  Outdoorsy and Fashionista can come together and kick some serious booty.  We are ready to take over the world.  :)  Well, at least raising someone that will rule the world one day.   GO ADDISON!

Well, I need to start with this Spring cleaning.  Wish me luck.

I leave you with Addison going to work with Daddy.

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