I love Instagram

Last year, I really did not understand Instagram.  I thought it was a hipster App that just showed random pictures.  But in the past 3 months I fallen in love with Instagram.  It is so much better than Facebook.  It is a way off seeing what is going in people lives but through pictures.  Some people take some beautiful pictures and post them on Instagram.  It really brightens my day and inspires me to be creative everyday.

As you noticed I put a new window on the right so it will be easy to follow me on Instagram.  You can see a window into my life daily.  Which is more pictures than the blog.  I noticed in the past 6 months I eat a lot, cook a lot, craft a lot,  and take a lot of picture of Addison and our dogs.  Yes, that pretty much sums up my life.  :)

As you can tell by looking at Instagram, I have been cooking up a storm this week. Monday, I made Maple and Mustard Pork with Pear and Fennel Salad for dinner.  And Tuesday, we had breakfast for dinner and I made Baked Eggs with Chorizo and Potatoes.  The rest of the week we ate out since JT had work dinners.

I have not been crafting this week and I noticed I started getting a little blue.  I really believe creating things really keeps me sane or a least gives me joy.  Isn't joy sanity?  While I was looking at beautiful paper products from Rifle Co., I noticed these beautiful Post Thank Cards.

I was thinking these would be great to send out to friends and family. But, I have a problem buying card because I make cards.  I have purchased too many stamps, ink, and paper that spending money on cards. I think it is wasteful.  So I decided I was going to make a PaperandPi Post Thank Card.  And here it is:

I love the way it turned out.  I am thinking of all the beautiful designs I can put on the front of the Post Thank Cards.  If you would like a Post Card, email me at paperandpi@gmail.com your address and I will send you one.  Spreading the joy.

Talk to you soon, 

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