My other son (and sister)

Hey everyone.  I hope your week is great so far.  Ours is wonderful because we have family visiting.  My other son, Kevin, lives in Illinois.  He is on Spring Break and he's back at his real home for a week.  We are very happy to have him and I hope this week goes by slowly.  Kevin and Addison met in Kindergarten and they have been best friends since.  He lived down the street from us for 6 years. But last year he moved to Illinois and we miss him tremendously.  I think it was extra hard on Addison because he started middle school (a new school) without his best friend.  But now he's back and even though it's just a week, it seems like everything is back to normal.

You see Kevin has spent so much time over here he just knows how everything works.  He knows when I am in a bad mood how to talk to me.  He knows how I like everything a certain way.  He cleans up after himself.  He's polite and helpful.  He's our other child.  And don't get me wrong Addison has other great friends, it is just we do everything with Kevin.  Kevin goes to family functions with us.  JT's mom and aunt even buy him Christmas presents.  Kevin went to Asheville to visit our Carolina cousins.  He has gone on vacation with us.  He has kept me company when I have to wait for hours while Addison is at his activities.  And last summer he lived with us for a month.  Kevin is family and could never be replaced.

Oh and let me not forget Kevin's mom, Ebony.  She is my sister.  I miss Ebony because I never had to plan to spend time with here.  I could call her spur of the moment and ask her to go to the mall with me and she would go.  She was always willing to go on wild goose chases with me.  And I can tell her everything.  She's also is really great in telling me the truth without hurting my feelings.  The only bad thing about her is she is a morning person and I am a night person.  She she's ready to pass out around 10 PM and I'm just getting started.  In the morning she's ready to hangout and I feel like a zombie.  This morning she asked me to go running with her at 8 AM.  If I am not working at 8 AM, I am sure not going to be awake and exercising at 8 AM.  :)  The great thing is Kevin is a night owl like me so we can hangout all night.  Hey, I get my best ideas and so much work done at 2 AM.

So that's our week, hanging out and relaxing with Kevin and Ebony.  Poor Addison.  He is not on Spring Break, so he still has school, tests, and extracurricular activities.  I tried to convince Kevin to go to school with Addison for one day.  I don't' think that sounds very exciting to him.  :)

Oh before I go I need to mention what I saw on I am trying to decide if I want to make St. Patrick's Day cards this year.  I have not been inspired to make them and it's on a Sunday this year so I don't know if Addison even wants to give his teachers a card or a pin since it's not on a school day.  Well, I went to my favorite paper sites and really didn't find any inspiration but I did find something amazing.  You know how I have been loving laser cutting lately.  Well, this invitation is incredible.

Isn't it beautiful?  They remind of our 2012 Valentine's Day card but better.  I so need a laser cutting machine.  This would inspire me to make St.Patrick Day cards.  You can check out the blog post here.  

Speaking of paper, I forgot to mention the beautiful note cards I must have from Tokketok.  

I just love gold letterpress.  Now, I just need to figure out who I need to send them to.  Oh I so need a studio with a letterpress machine and a laser cutting machine.  A girl can dream.

Well, it is pouring down rain here and I just looked over and Luna looks like a little passed out chubby puppy.  I would try to take a picture of her but she would probably wake up.  Oh and she's snoring really loud.  A dog's life is so hard.  Well, we have to brave the rain and go to diving.  Talk to everyone soon.

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