The Braves and the Renassiance

Hello everyone!!!

I needed to take some time off.  I had to worst cold for a week so I have been recuperating and feeling sorry for myself.  I finally started feeling normal Wednesday.  Yes, that means I was under the weather for Easter but I still managed to bake two cakes and 36 cupcakes.  It's amazing what a Sudafed can do.

By the way, How was everyone's Easter?  Ours was wonderful.  We went to JT's aunt's house.  She lives on Lake Jackson and it's beautiful.  Th weather was great and is always nice to spend time with family.

While I was sick, The Chosen One also had a birthday.  I have been making Thank You cards for her but it is hard to emboss when you already can not hardly breath.  I have finally gotten most of them them done and am very happy how they turned out.  I am excited to send her a box of Thank You cards personalized just for her.

Oh I did do some cooking when I finally started feeling better last week.  I made 2 quiches, an Asparagus and Leek one, and a Ham, and Leek one.  I also made Poulet au Paprika, which Addison loved.  He said he liked it better than Rosemary Chicken and that's my usual go to Chicken recipe.  I guess we will be having more of Poulet au Paprika.  I did take pictures of all of this on my Instagram.

I finally used my anniversary presents last week too.  Did I forget to mention I had some new kitchen gadgets?  I have a new mandolin, and a new apple peeler/corer.  Thursday, Addison I got the apple peeler/corer out and put the peeler to work.  We love it!  It is so easy and it actually peels, cores, and slice the apples.  Since, we had all these apple slices I decide to make Apple and Blueberry Cobbler.  I used my Ad Hoc cookbook  for the cobbler recipe.  It turned out really good.

We also had the best weekend.  Friday, we went to Braves games.  The Braves won and Addison got really loopy by the second half.  I guess I had too much sugar.

Saturday, we had two birthday parties.  Saturday afternoon was The Godfather's nephew's party.  He is 7 now and I can't believe it.  The kids are growing up too fast and I am not ready for it.

Saturday night was Walker's 30th birthday party at the drive-in.  I know, he just turned 30.? I would love to go back and be 30.  I made bbq pork, cole slaw, and potato chips.  I slow cooked the pork shoulder in the oven while I was at the first birthday party.   The food turned out good and we had a blast at the drive in.  The only problem was the only movie I really wanted to see was "21 Jumpstreet".  In the first 10 minutes the movie ended up stopping and burning so it was ruined.  We ended up watching "A Cabin in the Woods" which was ok but I think way  too scary for Addison.  He needed up sleeping in our bed that night.

Sunday was JT's mom's birthday, Nana.  We all decided to take her to the Renaissance festival.  The Godfather, and the GUNCLEs went with us.  We all had a great time and it wasn't too hot to be outside all day.  The sun did get annoying at certain times.

This week I have just been looking for jobs, crafting, and taking Addison to all his activities.  It has been a very rainy week so we haven't really wanted to do much.  We have been eating leftover barbecue and just relaxing.  Addison has his state testing this week so I have just trying to keep him happy.  I know taking those state test can be annoying.  It's the last thing he would like to do all week.  But this year is different, the schools don't get their government funding from these test now so they seem to not be pressuring the kids to do well like they did before.  Also Addison is a smart kid; sometimes not the best standardized test taker but I believe he will do great.

Well, talk to you soon.  I leave you with some great letterpress invitations and announcements.

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