It's our Anniversary!!!

It is JT and my anniversary.  Which is kind of funny, because we really don't do much to celebrate it.  We met on my birthday so we consider that our anniversary.  We believe we have been in love and together forever since we met on my birthday.  Our wedding day is still kind of a sweet story.  We did not have a big wedding, we went to the courthouse.  It was kind of a rushed wedding but not what you think like getting pregnant.  We had plans to get married but we did it sooner because we thought there something medically wrong with me.  We went to the eye doctor and he noticed I had a lot of swelling in my optic nerve.  He told me I need to go to a neurologist as soon as possible and get a CAT scan.  We asked him what could cause it.  And he said it could be a brain tumor, but probably something else. I was of course freaking out thinking I had a brain tumor.  JT was trying to keep me calm.  I was still in school full time so I only had school insurance and didn't know how much a neurologist would cost.  JT insisted we get married that week so I could be put on his work insurance and figure out what was wrong with me.  He told me I would have to wait for a big wedding and my health was more important.  So we went to the courthouse with all our friends and family and it was still magical.  A week later we went to the neurologist and got my scan and I ended up not having a brain tumor.  My body makes too much spinal fluid and it is causing the swelling.  The neurologist said I could start getting spinal taps but my swelling is not that severe so I should just take medicine and take care of myself.  Well, we were relived that I didn't have a brain tumor and I was going to be ok.

So that's my wedding story.  I still can't believe JT was ready to marry me even if I had a brain tumor.  Now that's love!   For better, for worse, for sickness,  even a brain tumor, but it's not a tumor (in my Arnold voice). :)

I leave you with this beautiful video of ballet dancers in slow motion.

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