Art and Food

Sorry I have not written sooner, I have been busy with Addison.  I can not believe he only has 3 more weeks of school.  This school year has gone by too fast.  I am proud of his hard work this year.  He did a great job in his first year of middle school.  I was worried about the transition in the beginning but he adjusted well and didn't give up.  He has made Honor Roll in all 3 semesters and hoping for the same thing in the 4th.  I hope 7th grade will not be has stressful.  He deserves a restful stress free summer.

Last weekend was a great weekend.  Saturday, we all went to the High Museam of Art to see the Picasso to Warhol exhibit.  I have been meaning to take Addison for months and felt like a bad mom that it was about to end and we haven't gone.  We got a group together and went and really enjoyed ourselves.  I think my favorite artist was Jackson Pollack.    I don't know what it is I just like his style.  Addison was confused on why Warhol was art and we had to explain Pop culture to him.  I guess a painting of a soup can doesn't really excite a 12 year old.  Addison's favorite artist was Mondrian.  

After Picasso to Warhol we went upstairs to see the KAWS exhibit.  I believe Addison really enjoyed this one the most.  It reminded me of the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon.

After the museum we went to the Atlanta Food Truck Park.  It's a new park off of Howell Mill that food Trucks can park and everyone can enjoy them.  The food was really good and the did a great job with the area.  They a picnic table,  corn holes, and live music.  We arrived at the perfect time.   The sun was about to set and the weather was perfect.  We managed on getting a picnic table that would hold all 11 of us.  The kids ran around and played and the adults chatted.  I am excited to visit this place again during the summer.

Sunday JT, Melissa, Cyn, The Godfather, and I went to Atlanta Station for their Atlanta Food Nosh.  This is when vendors do not have a food truck yet and only have tents.  The Nosh had more food to choose from and was it was cheaper. The helping were smaller but we were able to go around to each tent and taste a lot of different types of food.  The food was really good. The only problem was it was in the middle of a parking lot and it was hot.  We would end up walking around getting our food and then standing in the shade to eat. They did have tables but without an umbrella is was impossible to sit there.  I hope they cover the picnic tables so it can be more enjoyable.  I wouldn't mind going every other Sunday.  The food was that good.

I haven't forgot about the Chocolate Chip recipes.  I was so busy this past weekend that I didn't fix the New York Times's recipe.  But I promise I will get it done.  I have just run out of chocolate chips and I need to go to the store to stock up.  Things I always need: milk, butter, chocolate chips, sugar, flour, eggs.
We are planning to have a relaxing weekend and go see the Avenger movie.  Oh and not let me forget about Cinco de Mayo.   I need to go and start making burgers and french fries.  I am going all out tonight and putting caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, and a fried egg on the burgers.  For desert, I will be making an apple tarte tain.  I love making Friday night dinner.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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