The secret of.....

Well, I think have found the secret of....

1. Laundry

I hate laundry.  It's the chore I would rather not do.  I would rather scrub toilets and tubs than do laundry.  Laundry at our house seems like an endless cycle.  We try to catch up on the weekend and then by Wednesday the laundry room is a disaster.   Addison wears about 3 outfits a day, his school outfit, his activities outfit, and then his home outfit.  Addison also doesn't believe in using the same towel twice.  Many of times I have gone in his bathroom to take his towel off the floor and use it for myself because I know it is still clean.  Addison also dives twice a week, so that's two chlorine towels, 2 chlorine outfits, and 2 chlorine suits.  Chlorine destroys clothes after awhile so these need to be washed ASAP.   And I haven't even mention JT's clothes.  He has his work clothes, soccer clothes, and then home clothes.  I am the only one in the house that wears one outfit a day.  So now you know how a family of 3 could have so much laundry.  I don't even want to think about what would happen if we had baby.  So Friday through Sunday I have been doing laundry and complaining.  Fortunately, I have taught Addison how to do his own by 1st grade.  But, here's the problem with laundry, it's not just washing it you still have to put it all up.  I think this was the major problem in our household.  I would sit in the laundry room until the end of the week and then we would wash about 5 loads but then have to put up 5 loads.  We would end up doing half and then clothes would just sit in baskets until I started caring again.

Well, I have found the answer to all the folding, steaming, ironing, and hanging.  I have decided to do a load of laundry everyday.  And so far it has worked.  I am able to wash one load and put up one load with ease that it doesn't annoy me.  It also gives me time to wash loads that I save like delicates and hand wash.  I usually just put the hand wash clothes to the side and put them in the sink once a week and dread it.  Now, I have time to use my hand wash button on my washing machine and then lay them flat or hang them.  I also think about what I am washing each day since the pile never gets too crazy.  I have taken the pillow covers off of the pillows on our couch and love set and washed those.  Hand towels in the kitchen have been cleaned.  It really makes me think about what needs to be washed so I can have a full load of laundry.

I am on my 2nd week of doing laundry everyday.  I slipped up the first week and didn't do it for 2 days and it was still fine.  Just a little stack not a mountain.  I really think this is going to help keep our house more organized.  I know JT, Addison, and I are a lot happier.

2. Success

The secret of success is enjoy what you do and be happy with what you have.  I heard people saying this all the time.  I couple of friends and I always talk about what is the meaning of success and being happy with what you have can not just be the answer.  But, then I realized it is.  I have a wonderful family, the greatest most supporting husband,  a smart, intelligent, well rounded child, and a whole zoo of loving animals.   I love being able to cook great meals for them and baking them something that puts a smile on their face.  I love that my son thinks I am funny and we have such a great relationship.  I love that my husband is pretty damn close to my ideal husband but don't tell him I said that (crap doesn't he read my blog?).  I love that my friends have become my family and have some pretty kick butt friends.  I love that a great relationship with my mother-in-law.  I hear other people's stories and I know I am lucky.  I love that JT loves his career so he never comes home grumpy or complaining (that's a big plus).  I just hope I will find a career I love as much as JT does.  So I believe that is success loving your career and loving your life.  Don't get me wrong I have my days that I am sad and mad because I want more; a bigger house, more money.  But, I try to remind myself life is good and remember what I do have.  I have a wonderful family and friends.  It also helps that I surround myself with loving caring people.

Here are my two favorite couples:

3.  Happiness is laughter

Happiness to me is our hilarious child and animals.  I can't tell you how many times Luna or Addison have done something that had us laughing so hard we started crying.  Addison is wild and funny anyways but when you put animals in the mix it is a riot.  Addison and Luna are definitely the comedians in our house. These big and little monsters keep us on our toes and a smiles on our faces.   A boy and his dog is the most wonderful relationship.  I believe they are plotting every day on how to make me crazy.  But to hear that giggle, oh yes Addison has the best giggle, it is truly worth it.

Emmy (our big dog) thinks Mandor (our guinea pig)  is her puppy.  So anytime Mandor is out of the cage she is cleaning him and trying to nurse him.  Mandor is use to this but after a while he just wants to relax in his cage.  Emmy is very protective with Mandor and gets mad when Luna tries to play with him.

Garfield (the cat) is the boss.  Nobody messes with him, he even has the dogs in check.  Garfield comes and goes as he pleases and lets us know when he wants attention.  He sleeps in Addison bed every night.  Addison is his human but he even snaps at Addison once in a while to let him know who's boss.  Garfield is such a pimp that we found out other people were feeding him.  I believe there's a little old lady in our neighborhood that's thinks Garfield is hers and she feeds and gives him snacks everyday.  

Oh I can't forget about the turtles.  I am the only one that feeds them so Addison said they are my animals.    I wanted another dog so we got Luna.   Addison and JT  have stolen Luna and I got the turtles.  The turtles do love me though.  Anytime I come close to the tank they swim to see me. But what can you really do with turtles?  Michelangelo is the crazy one who likes to jump out of his tank and fall 4 feet.  Yes, he's crazy.  JT likes to joke than turtles can't lay eggs in the water so he just trying to get out to lay his eggs.  He escaped once and we didn't find him for a week.  I believe he came out because he was hungry.   We still love them.  And the running water from their tank and watching them swim around is really relaxing.  So they keep all the chaos in check.

So I guess that my secrets, now laundry makes me happy because I have successfully tackled the laundry problem. Gosh I am cheesy.

Oh I have baked the 3rd recipe for chocolate cookies.  I will post pictures and the results soon.


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