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Sorry I have been gone for so long but I needed some time for myself.  I had a hectic 2 weeks and could not just juggle everything.  Addison was in his last weeks of school.  And I had to attend 2 funerals in one week. Yes 2 and the first one was for 2 people.  One of my good friend's, I grew up with her, parents were on their way to Florida to go on a cruise with their friends.  The driver lost control of the car it overturned and ended up on the guard rail.  Three people were ejected from the car and two of them were my friend's parents.  It was a horrible tragedy.  None of us could believe it when we found out.  I grew up with them, the lived down the street from me.  They were the only ones that had a pool in the neighborhood. They were a part of my childhood.  They were the nicest, most caring people.  They had been married for 50 years.  They met when she was 16 and he was 18.  I pray my marriage and life end up how wonderful theirs was.  They were giving, loving and full of life and will be truly missed.  The other funeral was a friend who was only 29.  This was so sad because I feel like his life was about to begin.  I think you start figuring out who you are and where you want to be around your 30s.  And I believe he had not even gotten close to figuring it out or even experienced real love.  He will be truly missed and made all of us remember to appreciate everyone around us.

Sorry I just need to get all of that out.  Life is precious and sometimes we need to be reminded.

On a lighter note, SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER.  Addison is officially out of school.  He did great his first year in middle school.  Honor Roll the whole year and made some new great friends.  I am not worried about next year and I will not freak out until Addison has to go to high school.  I made Addison's 5 teachers their own personal stationary for their end of the year present.

I love how the embossing looks and love how I made the envelope liners all about school.  I hope they liked them.  I am already thinking about doing more for friends and family with a different stamp and envelope liners.

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?  Ours was nice and relaxing.  Saturday we spent the whole day at the pool and Monday we went to the Botanical Gardens.  I will post some pictures of the Botanical Gardens soon I just need to go through all 300 of them and that will take a while.  Here's my favorite pictures of the silly kids from yesterday:

As you can see Kevin is with us this summer.  We are so happy to have him back.  I made an animated gif to show how goofy they are.

Oh I did mention last time I was going to mention the 3rd chocolate cookie recipe.  You can see the original post for the perfect chocolate chip cookies here.  I baked the 3rd chocolate cookie recipe about 2 weeks ago and the 1st one is still the best.  Because this recipe has bread flour in it, they seemed more cake like than cookies.  I like my cookies flat and crunchy.  But for others who prefer fluffy cookies, this might be the recipe for you.

Baking the recipe 2nd recipe is still going to be a chore because it is hard for us to wait almost 3 days for cookies that are in the refrigerator.  I can't believe they need to chill that long.  I promise I will try to make them soon.  I just will have to make the 1st recipe too so we have something to eat while waiting on the 2nd one.  :)

Talk to you soon!
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