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Moonrise Kingdom

How is everyone?  I am doing good this week, last week was horrible.  Just a little drama but everything is nice and quiet now.  Because Melissa and I had a horrible week, we decided to go have  dinner, cocktails, and see "Moonrise Kingdom" Saturday night.  The Godfather also decided to join us and cheer us up.  Dinner and cocktails were good and the movie was amazing.  We were giggling thru the whole movie actually the whole theater was laughing through the whole movie.  I love going to movies like that, when everyone in the whole theater is so into a really good movie.  It makes the movie even better.  I suggest if you haven't seen it to go see it immediately.  It is a sweet movie about young love.

Here's the trailer for it:

Saturday night, we went to a Mexican themed dinner party.  And I of course made dessert.  I didn't know what to make for a Mexican dessert so I had to do some research.  I finally decided to make a Trés Léché cake, but needed to find the perfect recipe.  I searched Martha Stewart's recipes and looked on the Cooking and Food Channel websites but everything just seemed ok.  Saturday morning the day off the party I found this wonderful recipe from a cookbook called My Sweet Mexico by Fany Gerson. I found part of the cookbook online and luckily one of the recipes that was featured was for an amazing Trés Léché cake.  You can find the recipe and part of the cook book here.

Here are some pictures of the cake we made.  It turned out amazing and everyone loved it.

Looking at this just makes me want to bake again.  I love to bake so much.   Well, the 4th of July is coming up soon.  Hopefully, The Godfather will have a 4th of July party so I can bake a bunch of goodies.

Well, talk to you guys soon.

And the winner is...

And the winner is Michael!!!!

Thank you Michael for commenting.  I really appreciate how you support whatever I do (you too Daniel and Kevin).  I think it's funny that the random number generator picked 2 and your birthday was Sunday.  Coincidence?  Since Michael and Daniel are so sweet I have decided to make them both their own notecards.  So now Michael has MJP notecards and Michael & Daniel notecards. They really are the cutest couple.

Oh and I got a new stamp for Paper & Pi. The Chosen One helped me design it.  Do you guys like it? 

Talk to you soon!


A Father's Day Giveaway

Sorry if you noticed something weird has been happing to my blog.  I don't know what is causing it.  I do know people who subscribe to my blog got an email from a post all the way back from 2011.  And then I noticed today my last post I posted Friday had just disappeared.  I have reposted that post and hopefully everything will get back to normal.

How was your weekend?  Ours was great.  We did see Prometheus in 3D and it was amazing.  It freaked us out just enough and it looked amazing.  The movie didn't answer a lot of question so I can't wait for Prometheus 2 to have my question answered.  Saturday was Addison's Black Belt test and it last 2 1/2 hours.  He was exhausted after it.   I was so proud of him.  I know I couldn't work out like that for 2 1/2 hours.  I will try to post pictures soon.  I just took over 300 and it will take me a while to go through all of them and edit them.   Sunday, I crafted Addison and JT stationary cards so they could start sending out Thank You cards.  Addison really needed them because so many people have taken the time out of their busy schedules to go to his meets and testings.

Here they are:

I like them so much I thought it would be nice to giveaway a set for Father's Day.  All you have to do is comment (only one comment please) from now until Friday (6/15/2012) by 10 AM.  I will pick a random number and send you the set.  I will even mail it internationally so don't worry if you live in another country you can still win.  In a set there are 6 cards (4.25" x 5.5") and 6 A2 Lined Envelopes personalized to whoever you want.  You can decide if you would like burnt orange or orange and which stamp.  You can have both colors and both stamps if you want.   Once the winner is chosen I will ask them to please email me their address so their set can be sent.  You can give them to your father for Father's Day or just keep them for yourself.  

Good Luck!



Last Saturday, a group of us went to the Indie Craft Experience.  It a place where indie crafts show and sell everything the create.  It was amazing to see what people create.  We had a really great time.  It made me want to be creative everyday.

I had the most inspiring conversation with Katie form Concrete Lace about letterpress.  Her paper good are amazing.  I love that she is living her dream.

I purchased two really cool t-shirts for JT.  This one is my favorite:

I bought a beautiful necklace for myself from Hot Pink Poo.

Melissa bought some great painting from Off the Map.

She also bought a coozie from So She Sews.

I loved the painting from Red Rock Farm.

And if I had a little girl I would have bought about 3 plush taxidermy from Stitch of Whimsy.

Here's are some silly pictures we took in the photobooth:

It told you we had a blast. It reminds me to follow your dream and keep creating. Oh and never stop laughing and having fun.
Oh I did load my Botanical Gardens photos in Flickr.  I think they turned out beautiful.  I guess tell me what you guys think.  You can view them here or on my Pictures page.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that day:

What are you guys up to this weekend? Addison has his fitness test for his 2nd degree black belt Saturday. It takes about 3 hours. I am thinking he will be exhausted after that so we probably won't do much this weekend. We probably will just have a boys sleep over, so he can relax and play games iwth his friends. I promise to post pictures of the fitness test.

I know the one thing we will be doing this weekend is going to go see the movie Prometheus. Yes, you guys know I am a sci-fi junkie. I have already had the boys watch Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection. But now the are saying Prometheus is not the prequel for Alien, so I guess that means there will be a Prometheus 2. If you haven't see the trailers you can check them out here.  It looks awesome!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Talk you all soon.