Last Saturday, a group of us went to the Indie Craft Experience.  It a place where indie crafts show and sell everything the create.  It was amazing to see what people create.  We had a really great time.  It made me want to be creative everyday.

I had the most inspiring conversation with Katie form Concrete Lace about letterpress.  Her paper good are amazing.  I love that she is living her dream.

I purchased two really cool t-shirts for JT.  This one is my favorite:

I bought a beautiful necklace for myself from Hot Pink Poo.

Melissa bought some great painting from Off the Map.

She also bought a coozie from So She Sews.

I loved the painting from Red Rock Farm.

And if I had a little girl I would have bought about 3 plush taxidermy from Stitch of Whimsy.

Here's are some silly pictures we took in the photobooth:

It told you we had a blast. It reminds me to follow your dream and keep creating. Oh and never stop laughing and having fun.
Oh I did load my Botanical Gardens photos in Flickr.  I think they turned out beautiful.  I guess tell me what you guys think.  You can view them here or on my Pictures page.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that day:

What are you guys up to this weekend? Addison has his fitness test for his 2nd degree black belt Saturday. It takes about 3 hours. I am thinking he will be exhausted after that so we probably won't do much this weekend. We probably will just have a boys sleep over, so he can relax and play games iwth his friends. I promise to post pictures of the fitness test.

I know the one thing we will be doing this weekend is going to go see the movie Prometheus. Yes, you guys know I am a sci-fi junkie. I have already had the boys watch Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection. But now the are saying Prometheus is not the prequel for Alien, so I guess that means there will be a Prometheus 2. If you haven't see the trailers you can check them out here.  It looks awesome!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Talk you all soon.
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