Where has the summer gone?

Well, I am back.  I would love to tell you I have been having a crazy adventure in some far off land and that's why I haven't blogged for a month.  But no, I haven't gone anywhere.  Addison and I have been just enjoying time together.

The past month he has not had to go to a practice, lesson, or camp so we have been watching a lot of movies.  I when I say a lot I mean a lot.  We watched to original Total Recall so we could get ready for the new Total Rekall.  I think the original one was better (you can never replace Arnold).   Addison preferred the new one, of course.  I  love watching movies that I grew up on with Addison.  The only problem is he complains about how much the graphics suck.  Hey it was the 80s and 90s, CGI didn't really exits (the internet didn't really exit) so give it a break.  These movies were still awesome and this is proven by them remaking all of them.  We didn't just watch every old movie.  We did have a Harry Potter marathon (that took about 3 days and I fell asleep on some of them during the late hours).  It was nice to see how it all started and see how young the charterers were.

Well we didn't just watch movies the last month of summer.  We have been reading, crafting, and cooking.  I have given him some great cooking lessons.  Addison now knows how to make a great sunny side up eggs, french toast with french bread, oatmeal from steel cut oats, fresh whip cream, chocolate chip cookies, and cake (he always helps me with the dry ingredients, which he complains while he's doing it).

Addison has also finally had time to finish 2 books of the Hunger Game series and he is now on the the 3rd one.  I think he's also trying to finish the Percy Jackson series.  He has also become a professional cleaner.  I'm serious.  I have noticed I haven't had to remind him to pick up and he has been doing chores without me even asking.  I hope this continues but I have a feeling since school has started  everything will be back to normal.

Yes, school has started this week.  My little boy is in 7th grade.  Can you believe it?  This was an easy first week of school compared to last year.  Well, easier on me I mean. He's going to the same school so Addison knew where everything was and where to go.  He does have to change classes that are a farther distance this time but I believe he will be fine.  He has come home everyday happy and I really think he likes his new teachers.  I am praying for a incredible school year just like last year.

Oh we did have another "Girls Night Out" last month.  We went to the Braves game and had a blast.    We actually arrived and hour and half early so we could eat at the 755 club.  The problem was by the time we were finishing eating and getting tipsy it was already the 4th inning.  I think we finally made it to our seats by the 6th inning (which we had to kick out some Phillies fans that stole our seats).  We didn't care the Braves still won and the last half of the game was still great.

So since Addison is back to school, I can got back working on finding a job, blogging, crafting, and baking.  I have been thinking about my blog this week and what I want to focus on.  I have had a lot people asking me how a cook such wonderful meals and if I could teach them how to cook.  So I am thinking I need to blog more about cooking and take step by step pictures. The Chosen One has been trying to convince me for many months to post step by step pictures.   She says they inspire her to cook and she thinks the pictures help a lot.  So I guess I am finally listening to her.  I just hope Addison and JT will help with the step by step pictures.  It is really hard to cook with one hand.  :)

So the next post will be about the yummy Chicken Soup I made for my sick husband.  I did so-so on the step by step instructions.  I promise I will get better.

Talk to you soon
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