Too busy Crafting

So sorry for being gone for so long.  I got sick (I know again) and decided to craft while I was under the weather. I love to create when I am feeling blue.  It makes me happy and relaxes me.  I feel like when I create I learn more stuff about myself.  Maybe I was an artist in my past life.  :)

Last weekend,  my awesome husband, JT, had a birthday.  I cooked him dinner Friday and of course it was his favorites, steak, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts.  I tried an interesting rub on the steak, it consisted of espresso, chili powder, dry mustard, and coriander.  It turned out really good.  The mashed potatoes were roasted garlic mashed potatoes.  I roasted two bulbs of garlic in the oven for an hour and then just squeezed the deliciousness in the mashed potatoes.  I love roasted garlic, actually I love roasted everything.  For the brussels sprouts I roasted them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  While, they were roasting a fried up some bacon and then caramelized an onion and the bacon fat.  When the brussels sprouts were done, I just mixed everything together, caramelized onions, bacon, and roasted brussels sprouts.  JT really enjoyed his birthday dinner and I was happy to cook it for him.

JT's birthday is how the two weeks of crafting got started.  I wanted to make him something for his birthday but I didn't know what.  I was thinking of making him something that had to do with the University of Georgia since that's where he went to college and his favorite college football team (of course).  I am having a thing for banners right now so I thought it would be nice to make him a handmade UGA banner for his new office.  So I got some beautiful felt (I also have a thing for felt right now) and hand stitched him a Georgia banner.

I am happy how it turned out.  JT has asked for more Gs so I am going to put two more on each end.  I enjoyed making the banner so much I am thinking of making more for other people.  I think they would make a great baby shower gift or birthday gift.  And I didn't just stop at the banner, I decided to make him a Georgia wreath.  I try to make yarn wreaths for presents during the fall and winter so now JT has a special one just for him.

Cute?  He likes it is cute but he said the wreath his for our home and he will take the banner to the office.  I think the wreath might be a little too girly for him.

Well, I didn't stop there.  I saw theses zipper bracelets on Bauble Bar and thought they were cute.  They were for $26 and I thought I could make those.  You can find them here.  So I bought some supplies and made them.

Yes, I have ventured into jewelry.  I am realizing how many cute things I can make and it's the fraction of the price.  I have made a lot so if you are interested in purchasing some you can buy them at my online store or just click here.    I was going to sell them $10 a piece but then I thought $8 would be good start because that would make shipping free.   I made a bunch of different color.  I also will be making silver ones because the Chosen One has asked for silver.  She doesn't wear gold.  She's so EMO.  :)

Well, it's is time for my Mommy taxi duties.  I hope to be blogging more, feeling better, cooking, baking, and creating all this week.  

Talk to you soon, 
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