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Santa's Checklist

So I realized to download Santa's checklist off of Scribd, you would have to be a member or join Scribd.  Nobody likes having to join a site just to download or view things.  So I am going to try a different way to make things easier.  I started a Wordpress blog just so I could upload my pdfs and you guys could download without a hassle.  I hope this works.

Just click the image.

Santa's Checklist

Or you can download it HERE.

Isn't that nicer?


Holiday Crafting

I hope everyone is enjoy their last week before Christmas.  Have you finished decorating, shopping, and wrapping present?  We have finished decorating and shopping.  But every present is under the tree in shipping boxes.  I guess it is time for me to open some boxes and start wrapping.  I can't believe Christmas is almost here.  I am sad it will be over soon and then the decorations will be taken down.  I just love Holiday decorations.  We got our tree the first Saturday of December so we could have holiday decorations all month.  We went to a tree farm, had Addison chop it down, and take it to the truck.  

We took it home and decorated it.  It is beautiful!  Addison wakes up every morning, looks at the tree, and starts singing "Oh Christmas Tree".

I just love my ornaments.  I also stitched some ornaments for the tree:

And made snow globes for the house:

Holiday music is playing and Holiday Crafts are being made.  I have finally finishing making 60 Holiday cards and mailed them.  I can't believe I got them out before Christmas.  I am so proud of myself.

Here are our Christmas cards this year:

The snow and the leaves are felt.  

The inside left.

The inside right.

I especially love the infographic.  It makes the Year in Review letter so cute and interesting.  I will definitely be using this style again.

And here's Addison's full picture:

He's so handsome.

I also made everyone felt poinsettas.  They were made into pins or bookmarks.  So they had a surprise in their card.

I also thought it would be cute to make Santa's checklist.  It's a checklist you can use for your kids so they have something from Santa on Christmas morning. Just fill out the blanks and it look like Santa left a receipt that toys were delivered.  I have never used InDesign and I had fun making it.  Addison was worried if I posted it online a child would find it and find out Santa's wasn't real.  I told him maybe they will just think they stumbled upon classified North Pole paperwork.  :)

The checklist is 5"x7".  You can download on to your computer and then print it out.   I cut them a little smaller and glued the on red 5"x7" cardstock.  Gluing them a Christmas cardstock would be nice also.  I hope everyone enjoys them.  You can download it above or below.  I found out with Scribd you have to be a member or join so I have another option if you aren't a member of Scribd.

Santa's Checklist pdf 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.