Birthday Week

Today is the start of my birthday celebration.  Tonight we are going to see "Mama" because I LOVE scary movies.  I still remember when my cousin, Cassaundra, took me to see "Pet Cemetery" in the movies theater and it scared the bejesus out off me.  I was 15 and probably had nightmares for a month.  Cassaundra, do you remember that?  I also remember watching all the "Amityville Horrors" with my cousins.  Hey, I slept with the lights on until I was 16 years old for reason.  :)

I can't wait to see it but I probably will be sleeping with a night light on tonight.  I asked Addison if he wanted to see it with us and he just screamed "NO".  I'm glad he's not totally like me, at his age I would have said yes and then slept in my mom's bed for a week.  I don't know what it is but there's something great about being scared.   It's nice to scream bloody murder from time to time.

The Godfather and Melissa are coming with me.  I have a bad feeling we are going to put The Godfather in the middle and squeeze both his hands so hard.  He's not going to be able to write or type for a week.  The last scary movie Melissa and I saw together, we ended up on each other laps by the end of it.  We are such scaredy cats but love it.

Tomorrow will be a nice dinner with family and friends.  Then next Saturday will be another great dinner with family and friends.  I'm excited about my birthday and don't feel a day older than 23.  :)

What do you have planned this weekend?  I hope everyone has a great one and I pray the Falcons win.  GO FALCONS!!!

Oh and before I leave I would to dedicate a song to The Chosen One. Have a great weekend!

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