Crafting and Organization

As a child I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, my doctor prescribed different types of medication that didn't react well with me.  One gave me crazy nightmares and the other made me shake.  So my mother decided I was fine the way I was and I learned to deal with things on my own.  Today, I don't think I have ADD or ADHD and if I do it is not an extreme case.  I do think I have a problem with organization and completing things.  I am definitely a procrastinator.

Last weekend, I finished a baby gift I wanted to give a friend at her baby shower.  I ended up having the worst migraine and could not attend.  But my wonderful husband and son drop of the gift.  I am just so happy that it is the second thing I have crafted, completed, and gifted.  I have so many projects in my head that I want to do.  I have so many half completed projects in my craft closet.  Knowing I have completed something else I really wanted to give made me feel really good.  I don't think every project I start I will complete but I think the odds are getting better.  The Chosen One likes to say it doesn't matter what you finish, the one who dies with the most fabric at the end wins.  Have I mentioned that she's a bad influence when it comes to my crafting addiction?   :)

Now I am inspired to start Valentine's Day projects and hopefully finish another banner I promised someone (over halfway done).  My craft closet is still in a state of slightly organized, slightly crazy (my type of organization). But I am having positive thoughts and excited about creating.  I can't promise I won't stay off Etsy until I have used the fabric I already have.  But things are getting finished so I have room for more.  Right?  :)

Here's are the baby bibs a made for a friend:

I also made a drawstring bag to wrap the bibs in.  I wanted to do something different than a box and wrapping paper.  I love the way it turned out.  Now I want to wrap all our presents in drawstring bags.

Talking about organization makes me think I need to organize my blog.  I wake up every morning wondering what to write about.  Sometimes I have a lot of ideas and sometimes I have nothing.  I was thinking if I set a day for each week that I talk about a certain topic that interest me.  I think I tried this before and my ADD set in.

I was thinking...

  • Monday - Family and life 
  • Tuesday - Cooking/Baking
  • Wednesday - My Favorite Things
  • Thursday - Crafting
  • Friday - Free for all and something Sci-Fi (the Chosen One mentioned I really don't talk about Sci-fi anymore, the nerd in me is ashamed)

Let's see if I can really keep up with the schedule and blog everyday.  Challenge accepted!

Talk to you soon,
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