Resolution #2 - Less Television

Yes, I said my one of my resolutions was blogging more and I then I didn't post Friday.  Addison is still out of school so life isn't completely normal yet. He goes back tomorrow and I will be able to get back to work on my projects.  Having your child home for 2 weeks can be fun but also difficult.  I didn't want him just to play video games for 2 weeks straight so I had to come up with other activities to do during the day and take him places.  I do not know how mothers homeschool their kids.  Addison and I have a great relationship but we start to fight if we spend too much time with each other.  JT says it is because we are exactly alike.  He might be a little right.  I just try to help him be the best person he can be and Addison takes it as nagging.  Yes, I am that mother that does speeches about his future and suggests how he should do things.  I have to remember he is a 13 years old boy and all he wants to do is play video games and drink chocolate milk.  But I worry with too many video games he will be a 33 years old boy (still living at home) that only wants to play video games and drink chocolate milk.  Yes, I went there but it's ok to be overly concerned.  Right?

The Chosen One grew up in a household with no television.  Just typing that sounds a little crazy to me.  Her father and mother chose to raise her and her 2 sisters in an environment with no television and they turned out wonderful.  They all went to Ivy League colleges and have great careers.  I on the other hand was raised by television.  You see, I was raised by a single mother that worked hard.  She was the chief nurse at the VA Hospital, had her doctorate, and travelled for business a lot.  I spent a lot of time home alone watching television to keep me company.  I ended up have mediocre grades, finally graduating college (but later than mosts).  But, now we all have great lives even though we had different childhoods and took a different road (mine was just longer and winding).  But, I still believe that television had a major part in our lives and still does today (Also, the fact that I was raised by a single parent and The Chosen One was not, but that's a whole different conversation).  I think I still watch too much television and The Chosen One doesn't even have cable.  I bet you thought I was going to say she doesn't have a television.  No her parents finally got a television when all the children moved out and now watch way too much television. But hey they are older and they have time to do that now.  The Chosen One has a television but only uses it to watch movies. She is always saying she doesn't have time to watch television and doesn't think there is anything worth to watch (except for Downton Abbey).   We own 3 televisions, have digital cable (over 1,000 channels) and our DVR is always full because there is so much stuff to watch.

So what I am wondering is if I could find a happy medium of The Chosen One's childhood and my childhood?  I already don't let Addison play video games or watch television on the weekdays.  But, that's is because he just doesn't have time to do anything on the weekday after his activities and homework. It just seems on the weekends if we don't have anything planned he just stays in his room and plays video games or watches television the whole weekend.  I believe this was another one of my downfalls being a parent, letting him have a television in his room.  But, I had one in my room growing up so I just felt like it's normal.  I guess I am more concerned now since he's a teenager and I think more and more about what he will be like as an adult.  I guess I just want him to well-rounded and happy.  With or without a television he will probably turn out well-rounded and happy, so I just need to let go.  But, I do believe as a family one of our New Year's Resolutions needs to be watch less television.  If I am going to be concerned about Addison, I need to be concerned about the whole household.  I know JT will be confused about this because it is football season and he watches an obscene amount of television at this time.  But, I believe cutting our television, computer, video games, electronic in half will change our lives for the better.

I will let you know if the men go on an uproar and kill me.  Well I won't be able to let you know so if I go missing you know what happen.  :)

What are your resolutions this year?  Can you guess what #3 will be?

New Year's Resolutions:

1. Blog more
2. Less Television, Video Games, Computer
3.  ?

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