Tooth Fairy's Receipt - UPDATED

A wonderful reader noticed that I spelled Quantity wrong.  I can't believe I didn't catch this.  I can't believe The Chosen One didn't catch it.  English major sister is in the dog house.  :)

I have corrected the error and updated the PDF file.  I will update the pictures later.  Sorry for everyone who downloaded it already.  Thank you for whomever noticed.  

I am also selling my Tooth Fairy receipts on Etsy.  For those you really don't want to print them out, make a little envelope, and glue everything together.  You can find them here.

I had such a wonderful time making Santa's receipt that I thought what other receipts I could do.  I thought a Tooth Fairy one would be really cute and I remembered I had a die cut for a little envelope.   I cut out the little envelopes and then decided to use the Santa receipt has a template.  Here it is:

Since my not-so-baby-anymore has lost his last tooth, I will not be able to use these but I hope everyone with little ones can enjoy.

You can purchase Tooth Fairy receipts at my ETSY STORE.

You can download and print it out with the link below.  LINK UPDATED!!!

The Chosen has already asked how much a not flossed, not brushed, and cavity ridden tooth would get her.  I was thinking maybe $.25. What do you think?   :)

Talk to you soon,
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  1. Love the idea - just a head's up that "Quantity" is misspelled. :)

    1. Oh my goodness, Thank you!! I have changed it. You will notice when you click on the PDF file.


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