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Felt and Fourier

Since I haven't been crafting with that much paper lately and I have been all about Felt, I was thinking I am more Felt and Fourier instead of Paper and Pi. :)

Yes, that was Nerdy Math Humor and it doesn't stop there.

What's Fourier?  Why I am glad you asked.  Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier was a French mathematician and physicist.  He was  best known for starting the research of the Fourier series and their applications to problems of heat transfer and vibrations.

I used the Fourier series in differential equations and my other engineering classes.  The Fourier series is :

Ok know since I have confused you and made your mind explode.  I am off to work on some project with felt.  


Audience from Other Countries

I was talking to The Chosen aka Faith and I mentioned who reads my blog.  We noticed that I have a lot of pageviews from people living in other countries.

We thought that it was really interesting because Hey I am just amazed that people even read my blog.  We were wondering how people found this blog and what keeps them interested in coming back.  I asked Zilong, my Chinese friend from Beijing, what he thought.  He thinks my Chinese readers like my food and the style of my pictures.  He also said Chinese people don't have time to make stuff so they like to see other people making stuff.  I thought that was an interesting response.

I would like to know from you guys.  I would love to hear from readers from other countries about what you think about my blog.  What do you like?  What do you dislike? What should I change?  And if you guys have a blog I would love to check it out.

Please comment.  I love comments.  I wish more people would comment.  That's another thing what can I do to make commenting easier?  I feel like no one comments because it is not user friendly.


She is right she is actually very stunning.  (Any single guys out there?)  :)


Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.

Sorry I have been away for so long.  I have been finishing up some projects and Valentine's Day crafting.  Yes, another holiday crafting explosion.  I have lots of lovely goodies to share with you guys today.

Remember a while ago, I mentioned my favorite pins on Pinterest?  And I mentioned the wonderful embroidery hoops in pin #2.

Well, that Pin led me to Jessica Aka and her Miniature Rhino blog, which then led me to purchase her book Stitched Gifts which I love  Which then inspired me to make these for my favorite couples.

I love them and will continue to make them for other couples.  I also stamped some muslim bags so they could have their own bag to be delivered in.  Do you love them?

My other project was for Addison's teachers.  I of course made Valentine's cards and heart pins for Addison's teachers.  The heart pins were the updated heart pins from last year.   Of course I used felt this time.

But I didn't want to stop there.  Since I am totally obsessed with felt right now I thought what about felt envelopes to hold the card and pin.  So the brainstorming started and this what I came up with.

I just love them.  Well, now I love them.  When I was making them not so much.  It took about 11 hours to make all 12 of them.  Next time I probably won't hand stitch everything.  But, aren't they adorable?

I know you are wondering if Addison has 12 teachers.  I love to make his teachers gifts so of course we make them for his last year teachers also.  JT keeps asking, "what am I going to do next year, make them for his 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers?".   I will figure that out next year,  :)

I also made a felt heart garland for the house.  We have decided to keep if up for the whole month February.  It puts a smile on our face.

And I can't forget the Love Tickets that I shared earlier.  Addison loves his and is excitied to use them since he has a 4 day weekend starting today.

I told you I went Valentine crafting crazy!!!  Addison is asking what am I going to do for Easter.  Right now I am just focusing on Chamel's baby shower.  I promise to post what I come up with for that.  I am excited to help her throw it.  If you remember what I crafted for Chamel's birthday party, you should know I have to top that.

Talk to you soon,

Addison's Love Tickets

So after I made the Love Tickets, Addison asked for some for Valentine's Day.  I asked him what kind of tickets would he like and he came up with these.  He is already starting to bargain with me on when he can use them and what they mean.  He actually believes that if he gives us a ticket we will let him play video games or watch TV for a whole day uninterrupted.  We will see how that goes.  I think it is sweet that he asked for a day with Dad.  He then told me to make one for a Day with Mom but I could tell he only said that so I wouldn't feel left out.  I of course told him the Mom one would have to replace another one and he wasn't having that.  Video games and Television alway reign above Mom.  :)

Addison has mentioned that Dad should get his own Love Tickets.  I wonder what JT is going to come up with.

Well here are Addison's love tickets.  Perfect for any boy on Valentine's Day.

I hope you have a great weekend.