Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.

Sorry I have been away for so long.  I have been finishing up some projects and Valentine's Day crafting.  Yes, another holiday crafting explosion.  I have lots of lovely goodies to share with you guys today.

Remember a while ago, I mentioned my favorite pins on Pinterest?  And I mentioned the wonderful embroidery hoops in pin #2.

Well, that Pin led me to Jessica Aka and her Miniature Rhino blog, which then led me to purchase her book Stitched Gifts which I love  Which then inspired me to make these for my favorite couples.

I love them and will continue to make them for other couples.  I also stamped some muslim bags so they could have their own bag to be delivered in.  Do you love them?

My other project was for Addison's teachers.  I of course made Valentine's cards and heart pins for Addison's teachers.  The heart pins were the updated heart pins from last year.   Of course I used felt this time.

But I didn't want to stop there.  Since I am totally obsessed with felt right now I thought what about felt envelopes to hold the card and pin.  So the brainstorming started and this what I came up with.

I just love them.  Well, now I love them.  When I was making them not so much.  It took about 11 hours to make all 12 of them.  Next time I probably won't hand stitch everything.  But, aren't they adorable?

I know you are wondering if Addison has 12 teachers.  I love to make his teachers gifts so of course we make them for his last year teachers also.  JT keeps asking, "what am I going to do next year, make them for his 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers?".   I will figure that out next year,  :)

I also made a felt heart garland for the house.  We have decided to keep if up for the whole month February.  It puts a smile on our face.

And I can't forget the Love Tickets that I shared earlier.  Addison loves his and is excitied to use them since he has a 4 day weekend starting today.

I told you I went Valentine crafting crazy!!!  Addison is asking what am I going to do for Easter.  Right now I am just focusing on Chamel's baby shower.  I promise to post what I come up with for that.  I am excited to help her throw it.  If you remember what I crafted for Chamel's birthday party, you should know I have to top that.

Talk to you soon,
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