Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary.  We actually met on my birthday so we consider that more of our anniversary but we still like to celebrate the day we got married.  I have mentioned the story of us getting married here, if you would like to read it.  Basically, it was not a tumor (in my Arnold Schwarzenegger) and we have been happily married ever since.

Since it was a weekday, I decide to just make a nice dinner which was Seared Scallops and Sirloin Steaks with Manhattan Sauce and also a Funfetti cake to celebrate. JT got home early from work and he helped me cook dinner. We have the best times in the kitchen together. He calls himself "so sad sous chef" and I bark orders at him. "Chop this!" "Peel this!" We laugh and drink beer while we are cooking. And the most wonderful thing is he cleans up everything after dinner is done. I promise that is the secret of a happy marriage and why I cook almost every night. I never have to worry about scrubbing pots and pans or loading the dishwasher.  It is wonderful!!!

After dinner, JT just watched whatever I wanted to watch on TV.  Which meant Bravo, since they play all my fashion favorites on Wednesday.  We watch The Rachael Zoe Project, Brad Brad World, and even The Dukes of Melrose.  JT had never watched "The Dukes of Melrose" and it had him cracking up.  It's is actually a really funny show because the two main characters are hilarious with each other.  Our new line is "I got to go my blood sugar is bad".  Oh and "Do you fly coach?" "No, I will spend an extra $60 for 6 inches.  That's what she said."  We were cracking up last night.

We didn't really exchange gifts because we couldn't think what we wanted.  But, JT did do well and bring home 3 bouquets of flowers.  I had to use 2 vases to hold all of them.  

Aren't they lovely? Tulips were my bouquet when we got married.  I am loving the right roses.  I think I want white roses and white hydrangeas every week.  Yes, I get flowers every week.  :)

Well, I need to start some projects and finish editing pictures of Misty's baby's birth.  His name is Conor and he's the cutest.

Talk to you soon,
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