We Got Our Juicer!!

Remember when I mentioned, I wanted a juicer back in January?  I wanted to add more vegetables and fruits into our lives.  Addison is becoming such the athlete and growing so fast.  JT and I are getting older and need more nutrients.  I was thinking what the easiest way to add more nutrients in our daily lives and I thought juicing would be a great addition.  You can check out my past post here.  I didn't want to change what we drastically eat because my family would probably lock me in the closet.  Remember the no TV phase that didn't work?  I just wanted to add more fruits and vegetable into our daily lives since I did not think we were getting enough.  I am fortunate that Addison loves vegetables and he will try anything.  I do think in the past years we have changed our eating habits for the better.  We rarely eat fast food.  I am cautious about organic, GMOS and high fructose corn syrup.  I cook for my family about 4 times a week and we pretty much know what is going into our bodies.  We aren't perfect though, we do go out to eat with others and eat whatever we want.  But, that ok because we still want to enjoy life.

Well, JT surprised me and purchased the Hurom juicer.  I love it!!!  We have only had it for 5 days and we are juicing up fruits and vegetables everyday.  Addison has only complained about 2 juices I have made.  One was a green juice with romaine, celery, spinach, kale, cucumber,  and an apple.

I didn't mind it but I think it was too earthy tasting for him.  He did drink all of it while he was complaining about the taste and I believe his taste buds will get adjusted to the taste.  I thought it tasted like a salad in a jar.  The other juice I made that Addison wasn't' really crazy about was a beet juice.  It contained a beet, carrots, an apple, and a lemon.

I loved this one.  Addison not so much, but he still drank it.  Since Addison has been taking standardized testing this week he has asked for breakfast every morning and asked for his juice.  Addison's favorite juice is a carrot, orange, and apple juice.

I am thinking of sneaking a little spinach in there since it's his favorite vegetable.  The more greens the better.

So far so good, no one has really complained about the new juicing.  Everyone is getting a juice every morning.  I feel like we our doubling our fruit and vegetable intake.  And Luna and the bunny are enjoying the vegetable pulp.  Luna literally runs into the kitchen when we turn the juicer on, begging for carrot pulp.

Oh we also made Almond milk and it was so good.

I love the feeling that we will never have to buy Almond Milk, Orange Juice, Pom juice or Apple juice again.   And it is Spring, I am just thinking about the wonderful things that will be in season that we can juice.  We also have a Zuko Popsicle Maker.  We are going to have fun making some interesting popsicle with our juicer this Spring and Summer.  Pineapple and Kiwi, Yummy!!!

Before I go I would like to mention the  Potlatch-Seasoned Salmon I made last night.   We purchase the Potlatch seasoning at WS a while ago and always forget we had.  I used it last night with the recipe I found on the WS recipe website here.  It turned out amazing.  Addison was raving about the salmon.  JT before he sat down said he wasn't that hungry and asked if I would eat his salmon for lunch if he didn't finish it.  He finished it all.  He told me it was so good he couldn't stop eating it.  I followed the recipe exactly and it was so easy.   We will definitely be making it again and it will be our go to Salmon recipe.

Potlatch-Seasoned Salmon by William-Sonoma Kitchen


1 salmon fillet from the tail end,
about 1 3⁄4 lb., with skin intact
1 Tbs. potlatch seasoning
1 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil


Sprinkle the salmon on both sides with the potlatch seasoning.

In a nonstick fish skillet or large sauté pan over medium heat, warm the olive oil. Place the salmon, skin side up, in the pan and cook until golden brown underneath, 5 to 7 minutes. Carefully turn the salmon over and cook until the fish is golden brown underneath and the flesh is opaque throughout, 5 to 7 minutes more. Transfer the salmon to a warmed serving platter and serve immediately.
Serves 4.

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