The Great Gatsby Dinner Party

Today I will finally talk about my best dinner party to date. I knew I wanted to do something special for The Great Gatsby movie's opening weekend.  When big movies are coming out, we usually get a group together to go to dinner and then the movie.  I had not planned a Girls Night Out for  a while and I thought the Gatsby movie would be a great movie to see with a bunch of girls.

 I talk to Melissa and we planned to have a small dinner party with cocktails, champagne, dinner and dessert at her place instead of going out to dinner.  We thought it would be nicer and more intimate than a noisy restaurant.  It also gave Melissa and I reason to cook for everyone.

First, we planned the menu and who was making what.  I also had to add my love of paper in the diner so I even made menus for the party.

I made 3 Stuffed Red Snappers.  I also made my favorite soup Roasted Butternut Squash.  Melissa made Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans.

For dessert, I made a Lemon Bundt cake and Vanilla Ice Cream.  Homemade ice cream is so good.  Every time I make it Addison and JT are so happy.  Luckily, I eneded up making a lot so I was able to bring some home.

I didn't want to just cook for the party.  I also wanted to craft something.  While thinking about my 20s outfit I wonder where I could purchase a headpiece.  I decided instead of buying myself one I would make some for all the ladies attending the party.  The wonderful world of Etsy, I bought the supplies and made these headpieces:

I love the way theses turned out and everyone loved them.  Val said she was going to wear her to work the next week.


Jason was excited about the Gatsby movie also so he said he would like to attend the dinner and he would be bartender.  Jason made an excellent bartender and loved being the only man with a group of beautiful ladies.

We also knew that everyone had to dress up in roaring 20s outfits and everyone did.  Everyone showed up so beautiful in their Gatsby outfits ready to party.

And the group picture!!!

We had a blast!!! I can't wait until the next dinner party. I think there should be another theme. What do you think?

I say YES!!!!!
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