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Sorry everyone. I have been so busy crafting for special little one's 1st birthday party that I have not had time to blog. I also celebrated my 40th birthday in January. These two months have been extremely busy. I am not complaining about being busy but I am ready for some relaxing time in the next weeks.

Since I am in the birthday mood, I thought I would tell you about Addison's birthday party we had at the farm in October. I can't believe I did not tell you sooner. Where does the time go?

Addison decdied last minute to have some friends go down to the cabin last minute and camp out over the weekend for his birthday. Well, the crafter in me wanted to make it a special event even though he did not give me any notice. So I create some camp inspired paper decorations for the occasion. I made 2 banners, popcorn boxes, labels for the water bottles, labels for the smores and trail mix bags, and cupcakes toppers.

Addison invited 6 boys and I needed to decide how to entertain them and keep them feed. If they were anything like Addison I knew they would need games and a lot of food.

We decided Saturday when everyone got there, we would set up tents, and then have them go geocaching. The night before JT and I placed little prizes in 6 ammunition boxes around the property.

We gave the boys each a piece of paper with the coordinates, a GPS and had them look for the boxes. This was great because it also gave us time cook dinner and set up the campfire. The boys didn't find all the boxes but I think they had fun looking for them. Well, until they had to find one in the field of briers. City kids are so weak. :)

After geocaching, we ate dinner and started a bonfire. We all roasted marshmallows and made smores. I will say one thing about The Hubby, he knows how to make a huge fire. It is the Eagle Scout in him.

After dinner and dessert we let the boys settle in for the night. Hubby and I had planned to wait until the boys fell asleep and light fireworks around. Addison and Mason came up to cabin right before we went down so they were able to join us in scaring the boys.

We snuck down to the tent. Lit the fireworks and the boys came out of the tent screaming. It was hilarious. Then we let them light some sparklers and we had a little light show.

The next morning the kids played while we cooked breakfast, we relaxed and then set up the firing range.

We let the boys shoot zombie targets to prepare them for a zombie apocalypse. :)

Everyone had a great time. Even Emmy Lou and Luna. Addison said it was the best birthday party he ever had. Not to bad for last minute planning.

I enjoyed making everything for Addison. I am already thinking of other themes I can make. I will share Vitoria's 1st birthday party soon. It was an animal and bunting theme.

Talk to you soon,

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