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The past 6 months

Paper and Pi is back! I have been so busy this summer that I did not have enough time to blog. I hope everyone that does read my blog has been following my adventures on Instagram.

In April we headed down to Florida for Spring Break.  Our first stop was the Kennedy Space Center.  JT had not been their since he was a little boy and it was a great experience to share with Addison.  Our little nerd does not want to be an astronaut but he does want to be a mechanical engineer.  

Our next stop was to spend at least a day at the Indialantic Beach since we were down there. I thought the water was too cold but JT and Addison enjoyed it for a little while.

We were finally over  Florida and went where our real destination was KEY WEST!  It was amazing and we already debating if we should go every year for Spring Break. We stayed with my best friend Eric, who I have not seen for 10 years. Eric is wedding specialist and while we were there I was able to help him with a wedding. I loved helping him out and wanted to stay and work with him everyday. Eric is amazing!  He has to most incredible eye.  All his wedding look flawless.  I so want to renew my vows and have him plan it.  If anyone is engaged and looking for a place to get married, I would say Key West and having Eric plan your wedding is the perfect fit.  Check out Eric's website.  His work is breathtaking! 

See I told you. It is all in the details and Eric sees details like no other.  While we were down at Key West we of course went to the Ernest Hemingway house.  We had to give Addison some culture while we were down there.  :)   The Chosen One tried to convince me to steal her a 6 toe cat.  There was a really friendly one that almost went home with us. 

And of course we want to Dry Tortugas.  This was the most amazing experience.  It takes over an hour boat trip to get there.  The water is crystal blue and Fort Jefferson is astounding.

Key West will always have a place in our heart. If we can, I would love to go every year.  Maybe we can retire there one day.  :)


May, June, and July, was all about diving.  Addison started with a new diving team who practice 2 hours a day 4 days a week.  He started 2 weeks before school ended so we had to get adjusted with everyday practices and then summer started which means summer swimming also.  Our summer was wonderful but was extremely busy and went by too fast.  Addison went to dive camp for a week.  Then we ended the summer with hosting the AAU National Dive Meet at GA Tech with our new dive team.  It was an exciting, wonderful, exhausting week.  Addison placed 8th in the nation for his age group.

Now we know what it takes to run a national meet and we have a a big understanding of diving.

August, Addison has started his first year in high school.  Can you believe it?  I remember freaking out that he was starting middle school.  He is realizing high school is a lot harder and more work but he is doing well and enjoying it.  This will also be the first year Addison will get to dive for his high school.  We are really excited about it and will promise to let everyone know how he does.

Well, I think that wraps up our life since March.  Of course I have been cooking, baking, and crafting away.

I have created more pinwheels for my Etsy store.

I have created some new baby bibs and am finally starting to put them on my Etsy shop for purchase.

I have created this hoop art for Mother's Day.

So I guess you know how busy my 6 months have been.  For the past 2 weeks I have been planning JT and Melissa's birthday party.  My next blog entry will be all about that.  It is going to be an exciting one.  The party had everything I love; crafting, baking, cooking, great friends, and a incredible time.  You don't want to miss it.

Talk to yo soon,