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I love sharing recipes with everyone. The recipes I have made that I love and recipes that I have found and changed a little. The ones I love the most are recipes from loved ones that have been passed down from generations. It is great to have all these incredible recipes but how can one organize them. I organize my recipes on Pinterest. I am actually very proud of my Pinterest boards. I have a board for each type of meat, fish or seafood to cook. I also have baking boards broken down to with types of baked goods. Pinterest works well for people who don't mind keep all of their stuff on the web, but what about the people who want recipe cards in the kitchen. 

I have decided that all the recipes I post will come with a Paper & Pi recipe card for everyone to print out and cut. Each card can be cut to 4" x 6" dimension. They will be the perfect size to put into a recipe box of your choice. Just click on the picture and download the pdf. I will be slowly updating the recipes on the blog and recipe page.

So where are you going to store your Paper & Pi recipe cards? Well, I found some amazing recipe boxes to hold your recipe cards.

Rife Paper Co. has some of my favorites (of course):

One Canoe 2 Letterpress has a wood recipe box also but I really think the berry box is quite interesting:

I wonder if I could convince hubby to make me a wood recipe box? He loves working with wood and handmade gifts are the best. I will let you all know what he says. If he says Yes, I will have him make two so I can give one away to one of my readers. That would be a cute giveaway.

I hope everyone enjoys the Paper & Pi recipe cards. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Talk to you soon,

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