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Months with Alexa

We have had Amazon's Echo for months now and I feel like I can finally post an opinion about her.  We first had Alexa in the den.  The first weeks I would ask her to play music so I could listen to something while I cooked or worked.  The problem is Addison complained that it was too loud and bothering him or he would just come in and tell her to stop or play something I did not want to her.  He just loves bugging me.  We also had to unplug her every time the rabbit was out. All of our cords in the den are in PVC pipe because Stefano loves cords especially speaker cords.  He has already chewed thru one laptop cord.  So every time Stefano is out Alexa is unplugged and sometimes stays unplugged for days because we forget to plug her back.  I started feeling like we were not really using Alexa so I had an idea, lets move her to the bedroom.

I have had Alexa on my night stand for 2 weeks now and I love it.  I have found some great relaxation music on Amazon prime.  Now while I am falling asleep I am listening to the sounds of rain and crashing waves.  This is especially really good when hubby is out of town and I can not sleep because I hear every creak and bump in the house.  I have noticed that I am sleeping better and falling asleep faster.  I also use Alexa as an alarm clock to wake me up every morning.  She has a nice tone that is not harsh and loud that slowly wakes my up.  Then I ask her to give me the news report so I can know what is happening in the world that day.  Then I ask her to play something up beat to get me moving.  Some mornings I just need some "Walking on Sunshine".

So far my nights have been relaxing and my mornings have been better.  I am really happy I thought about moving her and she is staying on my bedside table permanently.  Oh and last weekend I asked her to play me some Madonna while I folded laundry.  She played songs that I had totally forgotten about and laundry was actually bearable.  I hate doing laundry.  Well actually not washing it.  I just hate folding and putting everything back up.  Anything that makes laundry bearable gets 5 stars in my book.

I guess I am saying I totally love our Amazon Echo.  Now I just have to get the Phillips Hue so she can turn off the lights in our bedroom.  I would also love her to lock all the doors so I don't have to get up every night to make sure everything is locked.  I know, paranoid much.  :) Well I will be working on all of this soon.

Talk to you soon,