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Talk to you soon,

Don't call it a comeback I have been here for years!

Hello!  Yes I am finally back.  I have not blogged in over a year and it is time to start back up.  Paper and Pi has been doing great.  The store and life has gotten extremely busy and I did not have enough time to blog.  I needed to figure out how to do both and realized all I need to incorporate both.  There is no reason I can not talk about what inspires and motivates and still talk about what I am working on.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how exciting the past year has been.  Paper and Pi has more then triple in sales.  I was asked to make pinwheels for the Northside Hospital "Walk to Remember".  I was also asked to make pinwheels for Macy's 2016 4th July Fireworks.

I have started selling personalized S'well bottles and Yetis.  From presents to corporate logos, the personalized S'wells have been very popular.

And I have also started making cute baby onesies.  The gentleman onesie is my biggest hit.  :)

The store's products have increased and so has its sales.  I am overjoyed on how much people are responding to the products I create and our buying and loving them.  Paper and Pi has a new store front: and my Etsy store is still available:

I am trying to remember what was the last thing I was blogging about.  Yes I am still cooking and still love to cook.  Oh I need to share an easy pasta, peas, and pancetta dish that has become my go to dish when I don't have time to cook.

I haven't been baking a lot lately but that is just because it is 95 degrees in Hot-lanta.  I have been slacking on the banana bread baking.

Addison is still diving and doing great.  He is 16 now!  He got a car and is about to get his license.  Part of me is relived because I won't have to drive him to practice everyday now.  But of course part of me is worried about my baby being out on the road.  He is starting is junior year in high school  and thinking about his future.  As of today, he wants to major in Electrical Engineering and dive for a college.

Hubby is doing great.  Working hard, helping me with my business, and building things at the farm.  That is the most exciting thing to talk about, THE COCHRAN FARM.  Not only have I been extremely busy with my store, we have been busy with the farm. The farm has become an incredible place.  My husband's father passed away last January.  It was heartbreaking. But after more than 6 strokes and not being able to eat or talk, his passing was a blessing.  No one should live like that. Now he is at peace, flirting with the ladies, and eating all the ice cream bon bons he wants.

His father left us the house and the land before he got really sick.  We had been going there when he lived there and when he was in a nursing home.  After he passed away we wanted to do something great with it.  We wanted him to be proud that we still love and are enjoying the place that he held so dear.  So we decluttered, cleaned, and made it a second home.  We have painted a lot, replaced the doors, bought new curtains, comforters, and furniture.  It just needed a woman's touch.

Oh but that is not the best thing.  We bought a TIPI.  I have always had an image of tipis all over the farm after watching Oprah interview Ralph Lauren.  My grandmother was half Native American and I remember my father had a picture of her in her Native American clothing.  The tipi turned out beautiful.  We set it up before Addison's 16th birthday party and have been enjoying it ever since.

Right now JT is building a platform for it and this will be its permanent location.  It will be looking over the field and will have room for chairs.

The Cochran Farm has not just received a tipi, some furniture, and a new paint job.  The Cochran Farm has it's first animals.  We got HONEYBEES!!! We have always been interested in honeybees.  We buy our honey from a local beekeeper.  When we usually purchase honey we buy about 6 bottles at one time.  We use a lot of honey for tea, baking, etc.  We always wanted honeybees and be able to have our own honey.  When I saw a video about the Honey Flow, my engineer brain fell in love.  Being able to tap honey and not disturb the bees is a brilliant idea.  We set everything up and purchased our bees at the beginning of the summer.  So far the bees are doing great and love their new home.  The are bringing in pollen, reproducing, and making honey. We might not have enough honey to extract this year but we will definitely have more than enough next year.

The Cochran Farm has become our incredible family home where we relax with family and friends.  We have had Addison's 15th and 16th birthday parties down there.  JT's 39th and 40th birthday parties down there.  We have laughed and played. We have learned so much about each other.   I have taken many of naps in the hammocks.  JT has taught Addison how to cut down trees and build.  It has been a place that we are making some incredible memories.  It will hopefully be a place where friends and family will come to visit for years, a place our grandkids will enjoy, and Addison's grandchildren will enjoy too.

Well that is enough for now.

Talk to you soon,